PosterGarden Donations to Nonprofits

I was at a recent board meeting for Friends of the Multnomah County Library (“FOL”), when we discussed an amazing deal we received from PosterGarden. PosterGarden is a Portland company with an additional office in Ft. Lauderdale that makes a variety of branded items, mostly things to be used at trade shows, such as banners, pop-up displays, and table skirts. FOL happened to be in need of a table skirt for when we attend literary events.

PosterGarden offered us a table skirt as an in-kind donation with the requirement that the PosterGarden logo be displayed in addition to the FOL logo. We jumped at the chance and are exceptionally grateful. Though my company, Rasko Digital Marketing, focuses mostly on Google Grants, I’m trying to include articles on a greater variety of opportunities for nonprofits. Though I spend a lot of my day in the AdWords dashboard, I want my clients and potential clients to see me as a resource for other opportunities involving their nonprofit, even if I’m not the one providing the service.

I called Dustin Louie and had a great chat with him about including an article on my site about this opportunity. I didn’t want to announce it broadly if it’s a deal they only offer to close connections. He told me that though any nonprofit is welcome to contact them about a deal for branded items, they focus mostly on arts, culture, and garden nonprofits in the Portland area. Give them a call to see if there are any opportunities for your nonprofit to collaborate with them. There are a lot of things they make beyond table skirts. In addition to their donation of items, they also reserve a percentage of sales to support sponsorships and grants, encourage staff to volunteer time and expertise, and leverage resources in innovative ways to maximize support.

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