Michael-Rasko-ProfileI have worked at nonprofits as a volunteer, employee, board member, and consultant. I am currently on the board of Friends of the Multnomah County Library and am the chair of the marketing committee for them. Nonprofit marketing is my area of expertise.

Specifically, I help nonprofits with Google Grants. Google Grants is truly incredible. Google gives $120,000 a year to nonprofits to spend on AdWords. The problem is that AdWords can be a pretty daunting program for those not familiar with pay-per-click advertising. So many that do get enrolled don’t utilize it to really take advantage of what they can be given. I decided to start my own company with the goal of helping nonprofits with setting up and managing these accounts. If you’ve read this far, I strongly encourage you to read more details about the Google Grants program.

If you’d like to meet me in person, I will be a guest speaker on the topic of Google Grants at the upcoming Nonprofit Technology Conference in March, 2019. This conference has 2,200 attendees from 14 different countries. My co-presenter is Michelle Hurtado, Head of the Ad Grants department at Google. So it would also be a great opportunity to hear directly from the Google employee in charge of a program with 35,000 nonprofits enrolled.

Presentation-with-Michelle-HurtadoIn addition to working directly with nonprofits, I regularly write articles advising nonprofits on their accounts, many of which you can find on this site. I am trusted by NTEN (“Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network”) to be a monthly contributor on the topic of Google Grants for their Connect Blog. These articles are included in their Connect Email Newsletter that goes out to 25,000 subscribers.

Connect-Blog-ArticlesIn November of 2018, I was interviewed by Steve Boland for Next in Nonprofits.

Next-in-Nonprofits-InterviewI am a member of Search Engine Marketers of Portland and regularly attend events to stay current on the quickly changing digital marketing landscape. In May of 2017, I was selected as their member of the month.


I am certified by Google in AdWords Search, meaning I have passed the required exams on Google’s Academy for Ads within the past year.

Rasko Digital Marketing is a BBB Accredited Business.


Michael Rasko is a nonprofit marketing consultant who specializes in Google Grants. If you work with or for a nonprofit who is interested in starting or improving a Google Grants account, contact him to learn more.