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Guide on Getting a Matching Donation from Paypal and Facebook on Giving Tuesday

You should get started with your plan right now if you want to get matching donations on Giving Tuesday. You want to give yourself a fair amount of breathing room to give Facebook time to verify your charity status. And even if you’re already verified, you want to build a plan for getting donations prior to the event. Fill out the form to download the below guide as a starting point for building a plan for your organization.

2018 Regulations Checklist

Google recently announced a big shift in their eligibility guidelines for 2018. You can download a checklist resource that includes advice on how to approach updating your account.

Disclaimer: The following is a checklist of the new rules for 2018 based on announcements from Google up to August 20th. Please note that this is not the official documentation of the rules, which you can find here. The rules created by Google are subject to change and may be re-written to provide additional clarity. This checklist is by no means intended to be a replacement for Google’s official rules.

Ten Ways to Improve CTR for Google Grants Accounts

Of the new regulations for 2018, the most cumbersome is the CTR Requirement. This resource includes ten tactics that will help you bring your CTR above 5%.

Disclaimer: This is a means to improve your CTR before you are suspended. If you are suspended for CTR and are requesting reinstatement, there is a set of protocols that need to be followed before you submit a reactivation request. Those tasks are entirely different than this advice to improve the CTR of an active account.

Five Pillars of SEO

Though our focus is on Google Grants, it’s good to know some basic things about SEO, because SEO is a foundational component for a good digital marketing plan. The better your SEO, the better your Google Grants campaigns will be. Check out this resource on the five pillars, which is a big-picture examination of the five major principles for how SEO functions.

Google Grants Video

A video overview of how Google Grants Works

Google’s 2017 In-Kind Donations Report Broken Down by State

Google recently released their economic impact report that explores the benefits for businesses using AdWords. We took the stat information for Google Grants accounts and built on that by analyzing the per capita in-kind donations based on the population of the state.