Term Glossary

I decided to make a glossary simply because this discipline is rife with jargon. In writing blog posts, I found myself prefacing my main point with hundreds of words explaining what a keyword or campaign is for a layperson. Since an understanding of these terms is required to be able to read almost any article that I would write on this topic, I decided to simply hyperlink to definitions.

I could link to Google’s definitions, but I consider those explanations too advanced for someone just starting to learn about this stuff. So I wrote out some key terms required for understanding Google Grants in what I consider to be easily accessible language. Because it is by necessity a simplification, I also include Google’s official definition as a link if you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth. The terms are ordered from simple ideas to more complex ideas rather than alphabetically. I welcome any feedback on this glossary. If you have any trouble understanding these definitions, please let me know as you are likely not alone and it is something that may need to be re-written.

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